Tree fertilization

3 Signs You Need to Fertilize Your Trees

Learn from the Houston, TX tree care pros

Your trees won’t grow big and strong without a little TLC. The arborists at Houston Tree Removal will help you care for your trees by providing fertilization services. Here are three signs that your trees need fertilizer:

  1. Your trees have several dead branches and tips.
  2. Your leaves grow in yellow instead of green.
  3. Your trees have small and sparse leaves.

If you’re unsure whether or not your trees need fertilizer, contact Houston Tree Removal to come inspect them for you.

Never worry about your trees again

We offer fertilization services on a monthly basis or three times per year, depending on your specific needs. Are your trees severely undernourished? Don’t worry – we offer deep root fertilization to revitalize them in a short period of time. Call 832-890-5679 to learn more about this service.