Tree stump removal, emergency tree service

Reclaim Your Property From Unsightly Stumps

Contact Houston Tree Removal for stump removal services in Houston, TX

Whether you’ve recently had a tree removed or you’ve had leftover stumps rotting away for years, you can count on Houston Tree Removal to tackle your tree stumps. Our knowledgeable tree care team has the experience and equipment needed to remove tree stumps from the roots and prevent future tree growth. We’ll grind your stumps down and haul the wood chips away for you. Your yard will be clean and free of stumps before you know it.

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Why remove tree stumps from your property?

You may not be overly concerned with leftover tree stumps, but if left unchecked, they can lead to some serious problems. Houston Tree Removal in Houston, Texas can grind away your tree stumps before they can:

  • Sprout and grow new trees
  • Cause serious injuries
  • Attract wood-destroying insects

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