Tree Trimming

Maintain the Trees on Your Houston, TX Property

Trust your tree trimming needs to Houston Tree Removal

Is an unsightly tree line compromising your curb appeal? Houston Tree Removal can whip your trees back into shape with our tree trimming services. Our arborists will come to your home or office as often as needed to help you maintain a beautiful, manicured landscape. During each visit, we will carefully inspect your trees and be on the lookout for signs of damage or disease. We'll trim back any branches that could affect tree growth to promote better tree health and keep your tree line thriving.

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4 reasons to keep up with tree trimming

You may not give the state of your trees much thought, but they can quickly lose their luster if they’re not properly cared for. Houston Tree Removal in Houston, Texas will handle the job for you. Regularly trimming your trees can:

  1. Eliminate unsightly or dangerous branches
  2. Increase tree strength and deflect winds from your home
  3. Create a healthier, stronger tree
  4. Extend the life of your trees

Our team will make sure your trees are well cared for. Schedule an appointment with Houston Tree Removal by calling 832-890-5679.

When Should I Have My Trees Trimmed?

Although tree trimming isn’t necessary in every situation, when you do plan on having this service performed, it is important to go with a company that has the knowledge and experience.

Most trees in the Houston, TX area can handle being manicured at any time of the year due to our warm and wet climate. The most opportune time to trim trees is at the end of winter just before the trees send their sap up the trunk. This process will help to stimulate the tree and cause new growth to begin in the spring.

Large tree species, such as Pine and Oak, benefit from removing all of the previous year’s sucklings that grow up in the center of the crown (the center canopy of the tree). They starve the trees of air and rob them of nutrients that the larger branches require to grow each spring. The larger branches benefit from pruning when they become over weighted and begin to sag or hang in a downward motion. Houston Tree Removal can relieve the large branches of the downward growing foliage, and that helps trees grow up taller and healthier.